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Fitness Client Guide

This template is fully customisable to your branding and designed to support your client!


Featuring seventeen pages of content:

  • Index!
  • How to take your measurements!
  • How to take your progress photos!
  • How to manage your calories!
  • What's important: Balancing your priorities in weight management!
  • How calories affect our weight!
  • NEAT Explanation!
  • Why 10,000 Steps: The importance!
  • TDEE Explanation!
  • How to read scale weight/ when to weigh!
  • Explanation of weight fluctuation!
  • The importance of sleep!
  • The impact of stress!
  • How to manage stress!
  • Water and it's benefits!
  • FAQ Page!


A fully covered resource aimed to support your clients through their nutrition!

Fitness Client Guide

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